SKEO gives everyone free access to tracking and coaching so you can enjoy every run.

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“I built SKEO to let you see the details of what your skiing actually is and how to improve those things” – Bode Miller


The free app measures, tracks and let’s you compete, finally giving you a ski ranking so you know how you stack up.

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Our sold-out sensors can be added to the app for a more personalized experience. 
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*SKEO will support Snowcookie sensors in mid-February 2021. Currently the sensors work with the original Snowcookie Smart Ski Tracker App for iOS.


Use SKEO to measure on the slopes


It doesn’t matter how good you look if you aren’t improving. Our Universal Alpine Ranking (UAR), developed with Bode Miller, uses actual data to measure your ability so you know exactly what to work on.


View your form and technique on each run with our 3D avatar, revealing what was previously invisible.
Compete skeo


Our 100-level UAR scoring system shows you where you stand, and challenges you with quests to improve each season.


“I felt like it was really important in skiing to allow people to understand where they fit in, not so much to see who they were beating or who they weren’t, but to understand where their strengths and weaknesses are and how to improve.”

– Bode Miller, US Olympic Skier

Our Universal Alpine Ranking (UAR) is a way to objectively rank every skier, from first timer to World Cup Racer.

Our FREE SKEO app captures data and runs it through the algorithm to quantify your ski patterns and give you a ranking from 1 to 100.

How UAR Works

Our proprietary Universal Alpine Ranking (UAR) tracks your progress and scores you against core skills. The ranking is made of an objective algorithm that measures: 


While speed itself isn’t hard to measure, how it figures into your overall score separates darn good skiers from Olympic-level athletes.
  • Max speed
  • Average speed
  • Maximum G-Force resistance


The best skiers can ski hard all day.
  • Total and Average distance skied
  • Total distance skied
  • Vertical Drop Quests
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Body position

Safety is in details. Leaning back or overcorrecting can slow you down and lead to injury.
  • Upper body position
  • Lateral Balance
  • Hip angulation

Turn Style

This is where skilled skiers shine. Do you turn tight and find the edges? Stop counting your turns and let the app do it for you.
  • Ratio of long to short turns
  • Time spent in turns
  • Turn “streaks”
  • Turn initiation


Steep verticals, bumps, and skiing off-piste all add up. Skiing harder terrain drives up your score.
  • Slope incline
  • Vertical drop

Physician-Designed, Olympian-Developed, Swiss Made

 Gold Medalist Bode Miller joined forces with Dr. Martin Kawalski to put technology and analytics to work for your season.

Bode Miller
US Olympic-Gold Medalist

Dr. Martin Kawalski
CEO and Founder

Carve like a pro

Ski the bumps, or just keep up with your kids. SKEO gives you control over your skiing so you get the most out of your time on the hill.


We help you improve your form so you have more time enjoying the mountain.


Relax into turns knowing everything is aligned.


If you’re like most seasoned skiers, your progress has plateaued. Personalized feedback helps you correct your mistakes and perfect what you’re already doing well.


Stop fearing a repeat of your last run.  Knowing exactly what you did wrong will give you the confidence to get back on your skis and try again.

Suit up and go

You have enough equipment to carry, with SKEO just grab your phone and you are ready to go

  1. Download app
  2. Hit the slopes.
  3. Get your UAR score and feedback for improvement.


  • What level skier does SKEO work for?
  • Do I need any special equipment?
  • Does the app require cell reception?
  • Will it drain my battery?
  • Apple Support
  • Android Support

SKEO works for all levels of skiers, from beginner to Olympian. Our goal is simple: to help you improve, so you can enjoy every season.

The SKEO app works on both iOS and Android. If you want even more precise data, the sensors can be added to your skis for even more accurate data. 

The app will run on data, so you don’t need a wifi connection.

SKEO works like most apps and it won’t be running when you are not on the slopes. 

We support Apple phones that are not discontinued as of 1/24/21 (October 2018 release date by Apple); iPhone XR and later, and OS version of iOS 12. SKEO is unable to detect if your device does not meet all of the minimum requirements. While you may be able to download the app and explore the capabilities of SKEO without these requirements, you may experience data inconsistencies and will not have access to support, including software and hardware updates.

We support Android phones manufactured on and after August 2018, and versions 9, 10 and 11, with the following sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Barometer and Magnetometer. Given SKEO is unable to determine the presence of these requirements, we recommend checking with your device point of purchase provider or device manufacturer directly. You may be able to download the app and explore the capabilities of SKEO without the minimal requirements met, but you might experience data inconsistencies and will not have access to support, including software and hardware updates.

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